Get Moodagent to win an N8!

Have you heard? Moodagent, formerly known as PlaylistDJ, is a cool app that matches your music collection to mood profile. With five sliders representing different “mood”, user can listen to music based on their mood by adjusting the “moodometer”. What’s more? You can lock a song and create playlist of songs with similar mood profile. Moodagent is social too, you can now share your playlist on Facebook and Twitter within the app itself!

To get you excited, get Moodagent from Ovi Store and share your Moodagent-generated playlist on Facebook to stand a chance to win an N8! Details on Ovi Blog. Oh, there are 10 free tracks to be downloaded from Ovi Music as well courtesy of Moodagent of course!

But please do note that if you are a Ovi Music Unlimited subscriber, all DRM-protected music will not be detected by Moodagent, hence no mood profile will be matched and no playlist will be generated! It is a big boo-boo, I know! I am one of the victim too. Hopefully, it will be improved to be more inclusive to us the local OMU subscribers.

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