Santa Ovi Act 3 & 4: Facebook contests

How was your Christmas? It certainly kept me busy over the holidays! Now, my post might seems overdue but hey, it is still worth recapping the generous touches by Santa Ovi!

On the 10 days before Christmas, we seen two contests were launched on Facebook by Ovi by Nokia fan page. “Santa” features Santa Clause being ovi-fied with Nokia N8 and Ovi Maps to find his way around the globe. Man, he sure knows how to travel. Each day, users are asked to guess where has Santa gone to based on a snapshot of Santa taken at iconic location of the city (purportedly using an N8?). A lil hint will be given to help you solve Santa’s latest location.

There is also a route map that shows where have Santa been to since day 1 of the contest. Correctly guessing it will qualify you a chance to win 2x N8!

Running concurrently, Guess Where is another prize laden contest brought to you by Ovi Store as it promotes the latest EA mobile games that were on sale during the Christmas season. And guess what, the prize up for grabs include Nokia X6, N8 and a PS3! A snapshot of the game which is on sale is shown and all you need is to guess where is the missing piece in the snapshot. Got it right and you win!

So, have you been good this entire year? If not, just try your luck here for some Santa Ovi love! ha ha!

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3 Responses to Santa Ovi Act 3 & 4: Facebook contests

  1. Abgeil max says:

    it s a great competition,hope win this time.happy new year

  2. Abgeil says:

    Happy new year Kenovi,well ,i didnt know if i enter this contest corectly.wish you always in good health.

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