Get Moodagent to win an N8!

Have you heard? Moodagent, formerly known as PlaylistDJ, is a cool app that matches your music collection to mood profile. With five sliders representing different “mood”, user can listen to music based on their mood by adjusting the “moodometer”. What’s more? You can lock a song and create playlist of songs with similar mood profile. Moodagent is social too, you can now share your playlist on Facebook and Twitter within the app itself!

To get you excited, get Moodagent from Ovi Store and share your Moodagent-generated playlist on Facebook to stand a chance to win an N8! Details on Ovi Blog. Oh, there are 10 free tracks to be downloaded from Ovi Music as well courtesy of Moodagent of course!

But please do note that if you are a Ovi Music Unlimited subscriber, all DRM-protected music will not be detected by Moodagent, hence no mood profile will be matched and no playlist will be generated! It is a big boo-boo, I know! I am one of the victim too. Hopefully, it will be improved to be more inclusive to us the local OMU subscribers.

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Santa Ovi Xmas Spirit Is Still ON!

Just as I thought Santa Ovi is taking a vacation in the tropics to escape the chill up north, he is still living up the Christmas Spirit! Over at Ovi Blog, he is giving away an Ovi-fied snowboard, just tell the Ovi folks how did you “survive” the winter OR what would you do with the snowboard and get most “like” on your post and you WIN! It is that simple!

Hurry before the snow melts 😛

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Secret Santa Ovi Project: Ovi Music Test Drive

It seems like there is a little well-known ovi contest is running and HURRY, the entry submission is closing by today! The contest is currently featured on Nokia Entertainment blog, named Ovi Music Test Drive.

If not for the recent highlight from Ovi Blog, I could have missed it! Check it out on how you can get 100 free tracks from Ovi Music while test-driving their new Ovi Music service. Lucky participants with most likes on Facebook will get an spanking N8, see how hardworking Santa Ovi is (working beyond Xmas, LOL)

Do take a good read of the terms and conditions before signing up. To participate, you will need to complete the following:

1) Who is your all time favourite artist / band & why?

2) What are your top 5 albums of all time?

3) Why do you wish to take part in this experiment?

Simple eh? Well, all the best and good luck. Oh, please check back for to see if I got in on 17 January!! Fingers crossed!

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Santa Ovi Act 3 & 4: Facebook contests

How was your Christmas? It certainly kept me busy over the holidays! Now, my post might seems overdue but hey, it is still worth recapping the generous touches by Santa Ovi!

On the 10 days before Christmas, we seen two contests were launched on Facebook by Ovi by Nokia fan page. “Santa” features Santa Clause being ovi-fied with Nokia N8 and Ovi Maps to find his way around the globe. Man, he sure knows how to travel. Each day, users are asked to guess where has Santa gone to based on a snapshot of Santa taken at iconic location of the city (purportedly using an N8?). A lil hint will be given to help you solve Santa’s latest location.

There is also a route map that shows where have Santa been to since day 1 of the contest. Correctly guessing it will qualify you a chance to win 2x N8!

Running concurrently, Guess Where is another prize laden contest brought to you by Ovi Store as it promotes the latest EA mobile games that were on sale during the Christmas season. And guess what, the prize up for grabs include Nokia X6, N8 and a PS3! A snapshot of the game which is on sale is shown and all you need is to guess where is the missing piece in the snapshot. Got it right and you win!

So, have you been good this entire year? If not, just try your luck here for some Santa Ovi love! ha ha!

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Santa Ovi Act 2: Ovi Holiday Contest

Another Santa Ovi act found on Ovi Blog. User is required to generate a short blog post of video describing how they are going to stay connected with Ovi and Nokia device during this holiday season.

The contest is now officially closed and is pending winning post announcement. I have created an entry for myself as well. Fingers crossed! (up to now, there is no info of how many N8 will be given away for winning posts!!)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

LATEST UPDATE: winners announced. Check it out at

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Santa Ovi Act 1: Ovi Daily App

Santa Ovi is the imaginary Santa created by kenOVI. Ahead of the festive season, Ovi has been disguising as Santa, giving out generously to all Ovi fans.

Featured today is the “Must Have App of the Year 2010 Award” by Ovi Daily App. There are 6 categories to vote from. You will get to choose from pre-selected nominees in each category. Predict the correct Must Have App in each category and Santa Ovi might drop you an Nokia N8! How cool is that?

Contest ends on 31 December, so be quick!

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An Ovi-fied Holiday for My Family and Friends with N8

This holiday season is perfect for family get-together and partying with friends. It would be awesome with some help from Ovi and marvellous N8.

For the family outing, I will be driving to Tioman Island with the help of free Ovi Maps navigation on N8. With a 12MP snapper and HD video recording, the happy moments of our Christmas in the Tropics getaway can be captured and shared on Ovi Share immediately. My friends will be thrilled to see our new pet dog, Fluffy chasing ball non-stop on white sandy beach.

While away, I am still able to send party invitation to my friends via easy-to-use Nokia Messaging to access my Ovi Mail. The Facebook client also allows me to check R.S.V.P. status of my year-end party event.

During the party, using the N8’s FM transmitter, festive music downloaded from Ovi Music Unlimited will be streamed to my sound system to set the party mood right. The highlight would be the Angry Birds challenge hooked up from N8 to HDTV for my friends to enjoy.

Thanks to N8 and Ovi services, computer is optional this holiday season to stay connected.

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